It's Live!!!

This workshop is online and available to all the student's!

Don't forget that all the VIP students get our workshops for free. Check out the curriculum below and if you have any questions let me know on Instagram or by email.

workshop bonus

  • Resources pdf

    Pdf with useful links to get more png images and 2D plant models.

  • Facebook exclusive group

    An exclusive group where we will post videos with tips and resources only for students from Garden Design Tools. You can ask for help from us or other students and receive feedback on your work.

  • Available for 5 years

    Every year all the courses have updates and you get to access them.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the workshop!

  • 2

    Creating a planting plan!

    • SketchUp brief introduction

    • Garden plan 2D workflow

    • Importance of tags

    • Creating a 2D plant component library

    • Importing components

    • Component information

    • Saving in your component library for future projects

    • Start planting

    • Different styles

    • Layout brief introduction

    • Creating a template

    • Importing your SkecthUp model

    • Generating an Excel table

    • Planting plan elements

    • SketchUp Viewer on an iPad on site

    • Doing changes on the original file

    • Resources

  • 3

    What’s next?

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...


  • What knowledge should I have prior?

    In this workshop, I will not teach you SketchUp but you only need basic knowledge of this software to take advantage of the program.

  • Is this workshop good for Mac users?

    The workshop is filmed using a pc but it all applies to Mac users the same. All the functions are the same. If you have any questions let me know.

  • What about the software?

    Software is not included, you can have access to the SketchUp trial version for 30 days here