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NEW Student workbook!

More then 60 pages

Enhance your course experience with our comprehensive digital Student Workbook that includes resources and checklists, conveniently combined in a single document. This all-in-one guide will help you stay organized, reinforce key concepts throughout the course, and ensure you're confidently applying the skills you've learned. Don't miss out on this invaluable addition to your SketchUp journey!

Course curriculum

    1. Intro

    2. Overview of SketchUp's interface and tools

    3. Understanding the SketchUp workspace

    4. Basic drawing tools and navigation

    5. SketchUp preferences and settings

    6. Differences between PC and Mac SketchUp versions

    7. Publish your questions here!

    1. Intro

    2. Creating a base plan using measurements and site survey

    3. Start your project from a CAD file

    4. Start your project from a sketch drawing

    5. Creating hardscape elements

    6. Creating softscape elements

    7. Adding textures and materials to your design

    8. Links to 3D Warehouse collections

    9. Checklist 2 📋 Module 2

    10. Resources 🗂️ Textures

    11. Resources 🗂️ 3D Plant Models

    12. Publish your questions here!

    1. Intro

    2. Using SketchUp plugins and extensions for garden design

    3. Creating and editing components for efficient modelling

    4. Working with groups and layers

    5. Making your own component in SketchUp

    6. Checklist 3 📋 Module 3

    7. Resources 🗂️ Extensions

    8. Publish your questions here!

    1. Intro

    2. Setting up your SketchUp model for presentation in Layout

    3. Creating scenes and viewports for different design aspects

    4. Exporting imagens from SketchUp

    5. Preparing your SketchUp model for import into Layout

    6. Checklist 4 📋 Module 4

    7. Publish your questions here!

    1. Intro

    2. Overview of Layout's interface and tools

    3. Creating a new Layout document

    4. Importing SketchUp models into Layout

    5. Publish your questions here!

About this course

  • €500,00
  • 86 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

You can get a Certificate if you are VIP student!

As a VIP student completing the course, you'll be eligible for a certificate, adding value to your professional portfolio and showcasing your dedication to mastering garden design using SketchUp and Layout. More information in the student workbook.

VIP Edition!

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  • Who is this course for?

    This SketchUp Basics for Garden Designers course is tailored for a diverse audience, ranging from aspiring garden designers and landscape architecture students to experienced professionals seeking to enhance their digital design skills. Whether you are new to SketchUp and Layout or already familiar with these tools, the course offers valuable insights and techniques to help you create beautiful, functional, and efficient garden designs. Additionally, this course is suitable for anyone involved in the planning and execution of outdoor spaces, such as landscape contractors, architects, and urban planners, who want to leverage the power of SketchUp and Layout in their projects.

  • What version of SketchUp do I need?

    To make the most out of this SketchUp Basics for Garden Designers course, it's recommended that you use SketchUp Pro, as it includes advanced features and access to the Layout application, which is essential for creating professional presentations and construction documents. While you can still learn some of the basic concepts and modeling techniques using SketchUp Free or SketchUp Web, these versions have limited functionalities and may not cover all the aspects taught in this course. SketchUp Pro is available as a subscription, ensuring you always have access to the latest updates, features, and improvements, allowing you to stay current with the industry standards and deliver high-quality garden designs.

  • Does it make a diference if I have a Mac or PC?

    This SketchUp Basics for Garden Designers course caters to both Mac and PC users, as the fundamental features and functionalities of SketchUp and Layout are largely the same across both platforms. There may be some minor differences in the interface, such as the default tray on a PC being a floating window on a Mac, but the core concepts, tools, and techniques taught in the course are universally applicable. Whether you're using a Mac or PC, you'll be able to follow along and gain valuable insights to help you create stunning garden designs using SketchUp and Layout, enhancing your skillset and professional capabilities. Throughout the course, I'm using a PC.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    The estimated time of completion for an online course can vary based on factors such as the length of each lesson, the complexity of the content, and the individual learning pace of each student. Assuming each video lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, including watching the video and practicing the skills taught, the total time spent on video lessons would be around 16 hours. Additionally, let's assume each checklist takes about 15 minutes to review and apply, resulting in 1.5 hours spent on checklists. Considering both video lessons and checklists, the total time spent would be approximately 17.5 hours. If a student dedicates around 3-4 hours per week to the course, they could expect to complete it in approximately 4-6 weeks. However, this is a rough estimate and may vary depending on individual learning preferences and the time dedicated to practice and review.

  • Can I access the course materials after the course ends?

    Yes, upon enrolling in the course, you will have continued access to the course materials even after the course ends. We understand that the learning process extends beyond the duration of the course and that students may wish to revisit the materials for reference or refresh their knowledge. To support your ongoing learning, we offer a generous five-year access period to the course content. This means that you can review the video lessons, checklists, and resources at your convenience, allowing you to solidify your understanding and stay up to date with any updates or changes in SketchUp and Layout over time.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

    Upon completion of the course, only VIP students will be eligible to receive a certificate. The certificate serves as a formal recognition of your accomplishments and the skills you've acquired throughout the course. This exclusive benefit for VIP students adds value to your professional portfolio and showcases your dedication to expanding your knowledge in garden design using SketchUp and Layout. If you are interested in obtaining a certificate, please consider enrolling in the VIP student tier to access this benefit along with other valuable resources and support.

  • Is the course self-paced, or are there scheduled sessions and deadlines?

    The SketchUp Basics for Garden Designers course is designed to be self-paced, allowing you to progress through the material at your own speed and according to your schedule. We understand that students have varying learning preferences and commitments, so we have created this flexible format to accommodate your individual needs. There are no scheduled sessions or strict deadlines, enabling you to move through the 9 chapters, video lessons, and checklists at a pace that suits you best. This self-paced structure encourages a deeper understanding of the content, as you have the freedom to review and practice the skills taught in each lesson as much as needed before moving on to the next topic.

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