Course bonuses

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  • Facebook exclusive group

    An exclusive group where we will post videos with tips and resources only for students from Garden Design Tools. You can ask for help from us or other students and receive feedback on your work.ides.

  • Furniture, textures and models

    We have folders to share with you with textures, plants, furniture and other models for your renderings. We are going to teach you how to use them during the course and when

  • Checklists and pdf's

    During the course, you prepared just for you checklists and pdf's you can download with some helpful advice and other suggestions and a lot of content with links to websites for you to explore.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Chapter Two

    2. Textures, Plants, Furniture and Features, Effects and model folders for download 📁

    3. Preparing your project in SketchUp

    4. The importance of architectural context in residential garden design projects

    5. Project Checklist 0.1 📋

    1. Introduction to Chapter Three

    2. First time you open Twinmotion, program specifications and different elements

    3. Moving in Twinmotion

    4. How to import in Twinmotion

    5. Scene Graph: organisation inside Twinmotion

    6. Keyboard shortcuts PC & MAC 📃

    1. Introduction to Chapter Four

    2. Materials available in Twinmotion

    3. Add your materials & save your favourites

    4. Apply your materials before the next chapter

    5. Are you having fun yet?

    6. Go crazy with textures..PDF 0.2📃

    1. Introduction to Chapter Five

    2. Vegetation available in Twinmotion

    3. Growth setting

    4. How to add more plants

    5. Getting more plants and cautions to have

    6. 3D Grass

    7. Ways to plant

    8. What's your favourite part of the course so far?

    9. Still want more plants? PDF 0.3 📃

    1. Introduction to Chapter Six

    2. When to introduce elements directly in SketchUp

    3. Furniture and decorations available in Twinmotion

    4. Adding furniture and complements to your library

    5. Water features

    6. Quixel Megascan assets

    7. Fire in Twinmotion

    8. Adding people for scale

    9. Where to get furniture and accessories for my model? PDF 0.4 📃

About this course

  • €180,00
  • 70 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

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Garden Designer and Garden Design Tools Instructor Catarina Gonçalves

My name is Catarina Gonçalves, I’m from Portugal currently living in Ericeira. I’m a garden designer, graduated from Greenwich University in 2006, I love everything to do with design, gardens, and plants. And of course, outdoor living, decoration, and furniture are elements I enjoy a lot when working with clients. Since 2017 that I wanted to create a blog or a website so I could share my experiences not only as a garden designer but mainly how I developed my projects and how I create my renderings and animations. So in 2018, I started Garden Design Tools.